Sunday, January 21, 2018

SEVAI Shanthi Secondary School establishes Faith Centre,the Shanthivasam.

Vidya Saraswathi/ Ayiswaria Lakshimi
The Faith centre,Shanthivasam offers in SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School has been developed from discussions with head Masters and key teachers, students and portents to help schools identify interfaith and cultural awareness opportunities for their children, young people and families in order to maximise their potential. This faith centre provides opportunities for your young people to have a better understanding of belief, faith and culture, having a positive impact on achievement and attainment in the classroom. SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School offers integrity in  Whole school assemblies, Visits from speakers from different
Goddess Laxshimi image
faiths, Workshops tackling controversial issues, Cultural celebration days, Faith trails, Training for staff, Mentoring and leadership. The Interfaith Education Centre is part of the school Children’s Services and sits within the Diversity and Cohesion Service.  Spirituality is just as important to student health as regular exercise and good eating habits. Many students find that their own wellbeing is enhanced by faith related activities. In recognition of this, the school has space allocated for students to sit in quiet reflection and/or for student faith based groups to congregate. There are several events, and opportunities to connect with others as well as opportunities to explore your own views and thoughts related to various faiths and beliefs. The Faith and Peaceful Relations Group explores the role of faith can play in achieving more peaceful and just societies. Faith can be a driver of peace, reconciliation and social justice. The school considers faith deserves more academic attention and emphasizes collaborative and participatory approaches.

Vidya Ganapathy
Lord Murugan
Mothers Love
faith centre-SEVAI 


Prayer by a student

Prasanna Peruma


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